Hard Drive Shredding

Don’t take the risk – destroy your old hard drives completely!

Have you considered the danger of discarding hard drives?

LeMay Mobile Shredding is your team of local, on site hard drive shredding/destruction professionals! Other companies often don’t destroy your hard drive. Some just use erasing or reformatting of hard drives. This may leave personal information at risk to identity theft. LeMay Shredding doesn’t just break or punch your hard drives. Our modern, high-tech, on-site truck is able to shred your hard drive into tiny metal shards, completely destroying the internal platter, electronics and storage mechanisms. Destroying your hard drives in this way will render your data completely unrecoverable.

We destroy many different media types:

  • Hard Drives
  • Back Up Tapes
  • Thumb Drives
  • Floppy Disks
  • CD/DVD
  • Microfiche


Why should we trust LeMay Mobile Shredding?

We know you need confidence that your devices are completely destroyed! In many cases, you may require an auditor to be present to witness the destruction as well. We have a long history of using the best technology for proper disposal of your drives and are prepared to cooperate in your process. When it comes to disposal, your confidence is the top priority.

Attention IT Companies & IT Departments

Are you an IT Asset Disposition Company, IT department or a Data Center outside of the state of Washington or Oregon that needs a local shredding company that needs to destroy hard drives or non paper media on-site? Your firm can hire Lemay Mobile Shredding to help your team to shred hard drives or back up tapes, CD’s or any other media on site. Lemay can shred 300 hard drives in less than three minutes.

Questions? Please call us at 877-898-0112.