“Excellent service does not require a contract.”

Services 1

Regular Service

We offer scheduled service ranging from weekly to every other month. You will be provided with a lockable container to secure your documents until emptied and destroyed on your service day.

Services 2

One Time Purges

From one box to thousands, we make it easy and efficient. Our professional drivers will come to your site, load your documents into a secure bin and destroy them on site.

Services 3

Hard Drives Shredding

Our state of the art, on-site truck is able to shred your hard drive into small metal shards, completely destroying the internal platter, electronics and storage mechanisms.

Services 4

Non-Paper Shredding

It’s important to properly dispose of materials that contain sensitive information such as pill bottles, CD’s and tapes, garments, and more. Don’t risk the recycle; let us shred it!

Services 5

Residential Shredding

Personal documents need to be shredded, too. We can come to your residence and shred it all for you. Whether paperwork, hard drives, or other sensitive materials, we will help!

Services 6

Medical & X-ray Shredding

Properly dispose your medical and x-ray scans. We make sure it is securely and environment friendly so you can continue assessing your patients with peace of mind.

Services 7

Shred Events

Do you and your colleagues and clients have a lot of shredding to do? You can host a shred event, rent a truck, and make a party out of it! Inquire for more information.

Services 8

Storage Bag Service

Your source to pickup storage bag for your documents. Just fill it up with your papers and bring it back to our drop location